Bikepacking in Scotland.

24-01-2020 — door KAMU

We thought the set out route was doable for us. “Yes.” The farmer said. “The route will stay a gravelroad like this, it will become a bit thighter after some miles. You’ll see your Falls of Tarf halfway that road, great spot to camp.” Indeed, the gravelroad continued, untill it didn’t. No way we could ride this. This is how biking became hiking.

So after a great night near the Falls of Tarf, all by ourselves, we started walking alongside our bikes again. The views and serenity was very rewarding and kept us going. But as abruptly as the gravel road stopped the day before, it popped back up in front of us after a few hours. So we got our asses back on the saddles and started riding. This gravel road took us over little creeks, passing some ruins, all kinds of similar looking sheep and into a small town named Breamar.
The closed bridge was a gift, it gave us at least 30 kilometers of perfect asphalt and no traffic. Our overall experience with traffic was very good. The roads were wide, smooth and motorists took us into account. They even waved at us every now and then for support, which is awesome and makes cycling through Scotland a pleasure.
We arrived in Fort William, that gave us a chance to eat, drink, refuel and restock. We noticed by the amount of B&B’s with “No Vacancies” that it was a Scottish Bank Holiday. In fuelled spirits we continued onto the A28, the only way South. Soon we became aware that this A28 could become the busiest road of our trip. With a line of cars passing by, we steered to a safe path alongside the busy road. The driver behind us interpreted this manoeuvre differently, he rolled open his window and just before I reached the path I heard this Scot shouting distinctively: “For fuck sake son. You’re on the wrong side of the roooaaad!!!”

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